While I was at high school I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I spent a lot of time just playing around and not thinking much about my life ahead. It wasn’t until I left school that I realized how hard it was to find a decent paying job that would satisfy me.


I then realized after a few jobs that this wasn’t what I thought life was like and decided to improve my skills in an area I would love to work in. that was when I decided to go to Tyne Metropolitan college.


When I went for my interview to see what the courses were like at Tyne Met I was expecting the courses to be very hard so decided to start at one of the lowest levels. Once I joined the course and started doing assignments I was surprised at how easy the course was. It was at this moment I realized that I had already aquired a set of skills that could be applied to this area.


I then decide to persue a career in computing


Education History


School/college and university education

From To Institution Mode Course Classification
9/2011 7/2012 Northumbria University FT Applied Computing Bachelors
9/2009 7/2011 Tyne Metropolitan College FT Applied Computing Foundation Degree
9/2007 6/2009 Tyne Metropolitan College FT IT Practitioners BTEC Diploma
9/2006 6/2007 Tyne Metropolitan College FT ICT Practitioners BTEC First Diploma


Qualifications completed

Date Subject Level Result/Grade
7/2012 Applied Computing Bachelors First class honours
7/2011 Computing Foundation Degree Distinction
6/2009 IT Practitioners BTEC Distinction Merit Merit
6/2007 ICT Practitioners BTEC Distinction


Individual results for Bachelors degree

Date Subject Result/Grade
7/2012 Object Oriented Modelling & Design 70
7/2012 Project Management & Professional Development 73
7/2012 Mobile Application Development 78
7/2012 Case Project 80
7/2012 Object Oriented Programming 78
7/2012 Web Programming 80
7/2012 Social Issues in computing 70


Copies of these certificates will only be sent upon confirmation of valid employer.



From 09/2012 until current I have been working for Webtech as a software engineer and worked through several projects involving AWS Cloud computing, Machine Learning with fasttext, Machine learning with Keras, MSSQL and Oracle databases, Android, Linux server managment and security.

I have also done many personal projects using systems such and Unity, LibGDX and Unreal Engine. My Blog for Game development can be found at www.gamedevelopment.blog.