About Me

Programming has always interested me and I am always trying to improve and now with the use of smart phones all over the world mini games have become very popular. These games can contain artificial intelligence which is an area that I would like to learn about. By studying on computer courses over the last few years I have hopefully acquired enough skills to go into developing applications for future devices such as smart phones and tablets.

I have always enjoyed working with computers and have had a natural aptitude towards programming ever since I was given my first computer. Since then I have educated myself in several programming languages and gained skills in many modern applications. I have extended my knowledge from a single language for Amstrad computers to several languages including; JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Java , Visual Basic and Basic I have also had experience using MySQL, XML and JSON. I am currently working with machine learning with Keras and Text classification with Fasttext.

Now computers are a part of everyday life and help support everyone from multinational organisations down to school children with their smart phones. Newer technologies and applications are required everyday to help increase the efficiency of businesses and our quality of life.

During my time at Tyne Metropolitan College and Northumbria university I have thoroughly enjoyed creating programs and applications and since then have been making programs at home as a hobby. I have created several learning games for my young daughter and have recently moved into developing applications for the android platform.

When I’m not studying at university I enjoy creating games and websites and the challenges they bring. I also enjoy building computers and have created several computers for myself and family members.

Another hobby of mine is learning about Japan, I have been studying the Japanese language over the past few years outside of my taught courses but have found it difficult due to focusing on my education.

My enthusiasm in this subject has driven me to set goals and achieve top grades and given me the confidence to believe I can help contribute to the computer industry.

One of my favourite things to do is learn about new things that interest me, which is one of the reasons I have acquired these programming skills.

Some of the people I admire:

Michio Kaku

Danny Choo

Richard Branson